FMLA Training


Established in 1993, the Family and Medical Leave Act required all employers of a certain size to provide unpaid medical leave for employees with a serious medical condition, or for those caring for a sick family member or new child. Our FMLA course covers the basics any institution needs to know in order to meet these Federal requirements.

We are committed to helping Human Resources and training managers provide their employees with the most affordable, up-to-date training on Federal rules and regulations. Let us help you map out your specific training requirements and customize courses to create unique training that perfectly suits your employees’ needs. And remember: tracking and reporting is included with our learning management system.

  1. Purpose of FMLA
  2. What Employers Are Subject to FMLA?
  3. Which Employees are Eligible?
  4. What Types of Leave Qualify?
  5. What are the Leave Requirements
  6. Are there Administrative and Notice Requirements?
  7. What is Employment and Benefit Protection?
  8. How is FMLA enforced?

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Fresh and Interactive

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Our LMS or Yours

Our hosted training system is simple and easy to navigate. Our hosted solution provides you with just the features you need and doesn’t confuse you with complicated features that you’ll never need. Have your own LMS? No problem. Our courses are SCORM, AICC, and Experience API (Tin Can) compliant and can be delivered on your system if you prefer.