Social Engineering Audits

"Many of the most damaging security penetrations are, and will continue to be, due to Social Engineering, not electronic hacking or cracking. . . Social Engineering is the single greatest security risk in the decade ahead." — The Gartner Group

Employee security breaches due to social engineering are the single greatest security risk of the 21st century, and the hackers responsible for some of the most damaging and expensive security breaches in the last two years have done so using only deceit and other low-tech methods (pretexting, phishing, dumpster diving, etc.).

Do not let your company be a social engineer’s next victim. Prepare and train your employees with the most effective social engineering tools in the industry: Stridepoint’s Social Engineering Fraud and Vulnerability Audits, Security Awareness/Social Engineering Training, and Security Awareness Campaigns.

Social Engineering Fraud and Vulnerability Audits

The best way to effect change is to first find the weaknesses that make your company vulnerable. Our in-depth vulnerability audits address the threat of social engineering and low-tech attacks from every angle, including:

  • publicly accessible information and data mining,
  • policies, procedures, and processes,
  • phone system exploitation,
  • pretext phone calls,
  • phishing and fraudulent website defenses,
  • dumpster diving,
  • employee behavior, and
  • physical security.

Our social engineering audits are comprehensive, so we can hone in on every area in your organization that could lead a breach in data security. Once we discover your best and worst data security practices, we then provide a detailed report highlighting problem areas and providing clear recommendations for improvement based on facts. These ongoing internal assessments, along with Stridepoint's security awareness training and security awareness campaign materials, will give you a strong and reliable "human firewall."

Social Engineering Awareness and Training

Improve the security posture of your employees with informative, relevant, and effective RocketReady training, and empower them to make the best decisions about how to handle and protect sensitive data.

Our online training courses:

  • teach employees how to defend against social engineering and promote data security.
  • teach internal auditors and information security awareness groups how to effectively perform their own social engineering and fraud vulnerability assessments.
  • are available both online and in classroom or seminar environments.
  • help you meet regulatory requirements, with courses on FERPA compliance, FISMA compliance, GLBA compliance, and more.
  • is specifically tailored to your institution, to help strengthen your unique culture of security.

Without a comprehensive defense against social engineering and low-tech intrusion, your business—and sensitive data—cannot be completely secure. Use our social engineering and security awareness tools to get your business ready.